Ambassadors Of The Cross | The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden


We believe you were divinely directed to this website!

We are followers of Jesus Christ, from many different Christian denominations and backgrounds; Baptists, Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodists, Lutherans, Pentecostals and many others! We represent a variety of races and locations across the USA and world. We are unified in our love for Jesus Christ, who is God; our LORD, Savior and Baptizer. Finally, we are united in our desire to lift up Jesus in public! Will you join us?

AMBASSADORS OF THE CROSS (AOTC) is the membership division of The Coming King Foundation (TCKF), a non-denominational, non-profit, 501c3 art organization created to honor Jesus Christ in the public arena by building beautiful, Christ-honoring, Garden Tabernacles along the highways of the world.   The first prototype Sculpture Prayer Garden is being built now on IH-10 in Kerrville, TX, at the same latitude as Israel.

Our world is racing toward moral, social and economic collapse.   Atheists are trying to remove every vestige of our Judeo Christian heritage from the culture. Others are perpetuating the lie that all belief systems, and gods, are equal.  

This apostasy is predicted in the Bible.  In the last days people will fall away from the true faith, evil will be called good, and good will be called evil. However, the light of Christ shines even brighter as spiritual darkness engulfs our world. Believers are commanded to make Jesus Christ known to this dying world.

The mission of TCKF is: To establish free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the USA and world, to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.

AMBASSADORS OF THE CROSS are Born-again Christians who want to reach the un-churched world with the love of God and are not afraid to acknowledge Jesus Christ in public.  Members of the non-denominational "Jesus Fan Club" receive a special T-shirt, Lapel Pin, Certificate, audio CD and evangelistic witnessing literature.  Talking about "The Empty Cross" and The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden is a great way to start a conversation about Jesus Christ!

Thousands of people have already been touched by God through "The Empty Cross" in Kerrville, TX.This unique Cor-ten steel sculpture stands 77'7" tall on a 1930’, hill over IH-10.  The symbolic Resurrection cross is the focal point of the Kerrville Garden. People are being saved, empowered, baptized, delivered and healed in heart of the Texas Hill Country, even though the 23 acre spiritual Garden is not finished yet! Documented miracles are happening daily. People have even been transformed by simply visiting the TCKF websites!

Over $2,000,000 has been spent building the Kerrville Garden to date. $3,000,000 worth of monumental Christian sculptures have already been donated by three internationally collected artists. However, funds are still needed to finish the roads and parking lots of the 23 acre Garden, which is being built without debt or professional fundraisers.

Would you prayerfully consider becoming an AMBASSADOR OF THE CROSS?  Also, pray about forming an AOTC chapter in your area!  Thank you!