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Prayer Support & Testimonials

Dr. James Dobson prayed with artist evangelist, Max Greiner, Jr. and his wife, Sherry on 4/8/08, for the success of the Sculpture Prayer Garden vision. Many other top leaders in the Body of Christ have also prayed for the Garden including Franklin Graham, Bill & Vonette Bright, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Paul Crouch, Randy Clark, Charles Stanley, Rick Warren, June Hunt, Tony Perkins, Max Lucado, Hal Lindsey, Marcus & Joni Lamb, Gil Stricklin, Rodney Howard-Browne, Steve Hill, Mark Rutland, Bill Johnston, Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda, Graham Cook, Os Hillman, Lance Walnau, Ric Joyner, Jesse Duplantis, Henry Blackaby, Peter & Doris Wagner, Richard Land, Mike Huckabee, Joni Eareckson Tada, Frank Wright, Bob & Jane D’Andrea, Jerry Rankin, Josh McDowell, Ken Blanchard, John Hagee, Luis Palau, Chuck Pierce, Ron Phillips, Sid Roth, Jerry Rose, Adrian & Betty Rogers,  K.P. Yohannan and Arthur Blessit.


“Max Greiner had a vision for a garden filled with sculptures, not to promote art, but to promote Jesus Christ. On the pathway to bringing the vision of the Sculpture Prayer Garden to fruition, there has not been an obstacle that God has not overcome. If you want to be involved in reaching out to hundreds, thousands, even millions - who need Christ in their life, pray for the completion of the Garden and give financially if God leads the way.”  

Governor Mike Huckabee

“The Jewel of Texas is in Kerrville because of the cross.”

Henry Kang, CEO
New York Theological Seminary

“Awesome! Breathtaking! The cross is dignified and so inspirational. I could never have imagined the dignity.”

Sudie Burditt, Director
Kerrville Convention & Visitors Bureau
Kerrville, TX

“Magnificent! Tremendous, just tremendous! I am for the cross and many more like it!”

Chris Daniel, Trustee
Ray C. Fish Foundation
Harper, TX

“The Coming King Foundation, Kerrville, Texas:  Your wonderful organization is to be highly commended for what it is doing to honor Christ and spread His enduring message of boundless love, peace and salvation.  America desperately needs to return to the one true God that our country was founded on!  If only every city would follow your lead and Christians would unite in fulfilling 2nd Chronicles 7:14, then our beloved America could be transformed into the godly nation that could, once again, be a magnificent beacon of hope and inspiration in this dark world.  May God’s divine favor and protection bless your admirable organization always.  I look forward to visiting your Prayer Garden.   I saw the cross from afar last month. Blessings.

Patricia Visser
Tomball, TX

“I think it (the cross) is great.  It signifies what this town is about.  It is one symbol that really speaks.”

Jack Pratt, Mayor
Kerrville, TX

“What starts on this hill top will flow down to Kerrville, the Hill Country, Texas, this country and the world!”

Pastor Mark Rylander
Friendship Bible Church
Kerrville, TX

“This cross is heaven sent. Everything is amazing, the symbolism.  I think this place will have angelic
visitations that will attract the attention of the media. People will be running here.”

Mark Stevens, FL

“This mountain is pulsating with life.  Life begets life.  It will draw the nations!”

Sandy Bloomfield
Dallas, TX

“What an impressive project! It was fun to read about it on the internet. We are delighted to contribute to this magnificent dream. Blessings!”

Jack D. Vetter
The Vetter Foundation
Elkhorn, NE

“It (The Empty Cross) means so much to the people traveling down the highway. I just love it! And, it will bring a lot of people to Kerrville.”

Freda LaFour
LaFour’s Restaurant
Kerrville, TX

“I happen to live on top of the next hill over from “The Empty Cross". I could not wait for it to go up...I love that you can drive into Kerrville and see that we are devout in our faith (the CROSS) and committed to our country (the FLAG). Thank you, thank you for this beautiful CROSS and may God help you in your endeavor to find the funds to continue with this HOLY project. God Bless.”

Lou Chamberlain
Kerrville, TX

“This is God’s prized property! It is glorious! Many lives will be forever changed because of this place.”

Sheri Ross
Gate of Truth Ministries
Hill Top Lakes, TX

“That is one awesome cross!”

Rick Joyner
Morning Star Ministries
Fort Mills, SC

No doubt there will be many prayer gardens. My heart thrills to think of one in Israel. Our God is certainly able. I also want to sow into the garden ministry there in Kerrville.

Barbara Franklin
Spartanburg, SC

“Spectacular! The cross creates a sense of peace and hope. It is a great symbol for our community that will cause people passing through to take a second look at Kerrville.”

Bob Schmerbeck
Garrett Insurance Agency
Kerrville, TX